Benefits of coffee to a community

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Coffee is one stimulant known for many health benefits. In Finland, the workers union insist on a constant supply of coffee for workers during the breaks. Communities that consume coffee translate to a productive lifestyle and increased performance at home and in workplaces. Coffee works directly on the central nervous system to provide instant energy to the consumer. The moment you drink coffee-remember it is a bean with calorie content ideal for boosting the energy levels of a consumer. Modernity makes life a hassle and everyone is ever busy catching up on growing trends in business, developing businesses, designing software programs for the overall benefit of making ends meet. The young generation does at least two jobs to ensure their bills are paid, all these need a physically fit body, otherwise, it can be a source of other illnesses.

The invention of digital technology makes work easier; most of the things are done in the comfort of one’s office. Some include online payment systems, online communications, messaging services on various social media platforms, tracking assets via GPS. Sitting for long hours with less physical movement causes lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, and diabetes. Coffee comes in handy to fill this gap. Instead of indulging in unhealthy meals in an office a cup of coffee will quench your thirst and hunger at the same time provide the necessary energy to complete the day’s tasks.

The stimulant is ideal at any time. After a hard day’s work, all you need is to have a “me time”, as you catch up with family and friends. A cup of coffee helps you to relax and reenergize ready for a good night sleep. Coffee works on the brain cells to relieve anxiety and relax the mind and body to have a clear mind for quick decision making on life challenges.

The benefits of coffee in a community come from an individual’s angle. If everyone in a community is energized, with little stress there is improved team spirit in running community programs. In addition, members of the community are intelligent enough to handle decision-making process with a clear mind. The long-term effect is improved productivity and increases business sales because employees are well motivated to run various tasks within departments.

Why is it that some communities are friendlier than others are? Coffee could be a reason for a happy community due to the stress relieving factor. The moment there is reduced anxiety among community members, the stress levels are at minimum and happiness hormones are produced, allowing the members to have a positive attitude towards life leading to a friendly community.

A company with an automatic coffee machine (jura super automatic espresso from http://bestsuperautomaticespressomachine.com) in the office has less sick leaves because of minor illnesses, this increases business contact hours for the benefit of the growth of the business. A healthy community defines positivity and socially fit with confidence and high self-esteem. The government should regulate the prices of coffee in a state to ensure it is affordable for low-income earners for them to enjoy the benefits of the drink.


Ping Pong community

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Ping Pong is a physically intensive game that requires proper body fitness to reduce injuries. It is a renowned game among the Asian communities. Most international champions come for this continent. The heavy investment their respective countries have on Table Tennis makes many citizens involve themselves in the game and related activities. Table tennis events and championships attract a huge audience; good tables for newbies and  a good platform for entrepreneurs to attract and showcase their products and services.

Unlike soccer, Table tennis requires up to four players and a small space to practice and play. The indoor game –sometimes referred to as a brain game- has numerous physical and health benefits. Communities who prioritize on Ping Pong right from childhood has few cases of lifestyle diseases like weight gain, obesity, hypertension. This is because of the physical activity involved in the game, which is a workout procedure.

In the business industry, Table tennis attracts sponsorships from Blue chip companies. Just because they are sure, the arena is a good platform for marketing and finally increased business sales and profits. Ping Pong is a game associated with class. Many business deals, contracts, and high-level social relationships are made from these events. You will realize, Ping Pong events attracts players, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, technology experts, sportsperson among other professionals, for example, tap festival.

When a child involves in Ping Pong from an early age, their cognitive development is beyond their age, continued support and interest in the game improve their knowledge and intelligent base. That is when you hear of extraordinary innovations from young people.

Tech experts are involved in the equation, because of the demand and vast interest in the game; they have developed a Ping Pong table controlled by machines to allow players to enjoy the game without interference on recording scores and losses. In addition, they have a table where you can do your own practice without an opponent.

Health experts recommend the game for health reasons. The physical activity allows the building of body muscles increasing muscle endurance and strength reducing accumulation of fats in the body – the sole reason for massive weight gain. A player with proper muscle endurance can sustain a game for long as well as other physical activities. Have you ever wondered, why someone can carry bags of cement compared to others? It means they have more muscle mass, which helps sustain them to do the hard jobs.

When you are healthy, diseases and infections are kept at bay. Ping Pong promotes overall body health allowing the community to stay in good health. The ripple effect is, the government spends their money on infrastructural development and not in medicine and health care facilities. In addition, when the younger population is healthy, there is minimum dependence and improved productivity in various sectors of the economy.

Ping Pong community contributes a higher percentage of economic growth of a country because of their good health status. They also allow attracting investors and sponsors to give very talented individual sports scholarships and business opportunities enhancing economic growth and development of a country.


Home tools for healthy community lifestyle

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Healthy living does not only prolong life but also prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Modernity and technology promote a life of comfort discouraging traditional forms of work-life balance, which had a positive effect on physical fitness. However, you can still have a healthy lifestyle within your home using these home tools, for they act as workout tools and also enhance mental fitness. In addition, they keep you active instead of unwinding or resting by burying yourself on TV screens or social media platforms.


Why hire lawn mower services on a monthly basis just to keep your grass neat? Use that money to invest in a lawn mower and clear the lawns and bushes according to your taste and standards. Without noticing, trimming grass in your home is similar to taking a long walk. It straightens and strengthens your bones and maintains a healthy muscle mass to prevent weight gain. Controlled weight keeps lifestyle diseases at bay, because of improved blood flow to the entire body, furthermore, there is no excess fat around major body organs –heart, liver, and kidneys- the main cause of heart attack and cardiac arrest.

Table saws

Woodwork as a hobby and as a routine in your home enhances social interaction in the family. You can involve the children to handle simple woodwork tasks with correct safety measure of tools[visit Toolsy’s review for home tools available] This helps improve their confidence and promote a healthy social life in your family. How do you feel when you have developed a woodwork project with your own hands? You boost your self-esteem giving you positive energy in handling your day-to-day tasks, the ripple effect is reduced stress and relieves anxiety. 


After a busy week at work, all you need is a good rest. Can you rest the whole weekend? Of course, not because it will make your brain become idle. An idle mind is a devils workshop. Take shears and trim your flower garden to acceptable heights to add more beauty to your compound. The fragrance of flowers reduces anxiety stimulating happiness hormones promoting healthy living.

Hand plough

Your kitchen garden needs weeding, pruning and harvesting depending on the season. You have some idle space and you think of expanding your kitchen garden, a hand plow is vital to do the digging. Interaction with vegetation promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance; furthermore, it is a physical exercise important for good physical health.


You need simple repairs, maintenance and renovations here and there within your home. A hammer is a basic home tool to help in these activities in your compound. Constant hitting of nails during repairs helps you to build muscles around the upper limbs improving your muscular strength and endurance to strengthen your joints and bones.

Home tools promote healthy living mainly because they act as work out procedures, making the body to stay healthy and fit. In addition, they relieve you of anxiety and allow your mind to relax, which reduces stress and depression. Have a variety of home tools within your home to enhance your passion and promote a healthy lifestyle among everybody living in the home.




Davis Shai

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The Davis-Shai House is a Gothic Revival home whose architectural style is attributed locally to Andrew Jackson Downing, a nationally prominent landscape architect whose book, Cottage Residences, was widely distributed from the 1840s to the 1880s. The home’s graceful lines and proportions, the steeply pitched roofs and the distinctive cutout “gingerbread” bargeboards remain intact and in good condition, even though the house has weathered 140 winters.

Jackson Davis built the “all brick” home in 1861 along the Ohio and Erie Canal. Foundation stones were brought by canal boats, and the bricks were fired in a kiln on the building site.Members of the Davis family occupied the house from 1861 until 1945 when Joseph P. Shai bought the home at auction. Dr. Joseph P. Shai II, a respected local dentist, acquired the Davis-Shai House in 1960 from his father, who purchased it at auction in 1945, following the death of Mary Alice Davis and her stepsister and caregiver Nellie Ellen Armstrong. Dr. Shai resided in the home until his estate was sold in 1995 to developers.The Shai estate, located on the corner of Rt. 79 and Central Parkway in Heath, was sold to developers in 1995. In keeping with the wishes of the late Joseph P. Shai II, the new owners, Patricia L. and Wayne F. Farnsworth Jr. and Marge and Jack Goodin, donated the house to the City of Heath.In much of 2000 and 2001, thanks to the generosity of Heath area businesses and residents, the house underwent a major renovation to become the city’s cultural and historical showplace.


Community Dogs

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Having a pet dog in your home is a fulfilling experience with a sense of humor and love. Apart from just the company, the sensitive sniffing associated with dogs is a good security measure. A community with dogs prides in contentment for they are sure predators like snakes, dogs, and crawling animals are kept at bay. Depending on dog species and the training a community gives their dogs, they can help you do a few tasks within the home. Compare the dogs in community and at home, you need to sweep up your dog’s fur for the cleanliness of the house. Although for a community to reach this level with their dogs, a lot of capital investment is required; the asset offers value for money.


What benefits do community dogs offer?

  • Appreciates Nature

Dogs are natural being; before you handle them, you will never understand their strengths and capabilities. A


community with dogs within their homes will always love to take good care of natural phenomena, to some extent even to vegetation; flowers, gardens, and fruits. For children, it is virtue instilled from a tender age allowing them to appreciate everything within their disposal.



  • Gives a Sense of Responsibility

It is not easy to take care of dogs. They need constant monitoring and care. At one point, you need to take them to a groomer or an evening walk to exercise. When you are out for a trip or a sleepover, you have to think of how it will feed and live. When you are in good terms within your community, you can always share responsibilities of handling the dog when out. All these make you build a sense of responsibility a good virtue in handling various daily tasks, challenges and decision-making activities. As a dog owner as well, you need to be responsible for your dog’s consumption, you can let your dogs ate raw pepper since it will give some good health benefits for your pet.


  • Enhances Time Management Skills

A well-trained dog works on a schedule; feeding time, sleeping time, walking time, playing time. How will you do all these if you have poor time management skills? Since you have a sense of responsibility in your life, managing time for the pet and your own personal errands is a walk in the park.


  • Offers Emotional Connection

Dogs are great companions, health experts prove that the presence of a dog to welcome you home after a long day, at the same time, when you play with its hair while it wags its tail as a way of appreciation is a good stress reliever. You will have an emotional connection allowing you to have better social skills in handling animals and people.

  • Develops a Caring and Loving Attitude

Naturally, there are people who have an “I don’t care attitude’ In fact, they take pride in hurting peoples’ feelings. When you have a dog within your community, you will value their presence and mind their welfare at all costs. The care and love you offer them will be extended to your social relationships allowing you to develop a healthy relationship with everybody in the community.

Whether you have your own dog or a community dog the benefits are similar. Your interaction with the pets nurtures various virtues in relation to your social life and emotional well-being. Training and self- discipline of the dog will give you maximum benefit, if not it can be a source of stress.


Grilling Meat in a Community

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A community with a closely knit social relationship promotes healthy lifestyles since they run their operations as a group. Grilling is an outdoor event, which brings communities together with one mission- to interact, socialize and to get a variety of perspectives. Grilling as a method of cooking is advisable by health professionals because it maintains
the nutritive value of the meat bites. High consumption of red meat is associated with pathogens, which causes cancer. A proper cooking method is recommended to drain all the red water believed to contain unhealthy substances that have detrimental side effects.

Outdoor event organizers prefer grilling meals for the participants because of the following reasons :


  • People can learn different meat recipes
  • It is healthy and nutritious
  • Customers can help in the grilling as part of fun
  • It is simple and flexible
  • Promotes healthy interaction among communities
  • Allows visitors to sample different recipes as they appreciate the value of diversity in the food business


Grilling recipes accommodate all kinds of tastes meat lovers and vegetarians. In one grill, you are able to make different recipes to meet the demand of your guests. Communities which values grilled meat has less chance of having weight problems; instead, it upholds good and healthy lifestyle. Money that could have been used to buy medicine can be channeled to other activities like infrastructural development, which enhances economic growth and development in the community.


You have your kitchen garden with fruits and vegetables in plenty. You have a serious crave for meat. Grilling allows you to incorporate all these in a single recipe allowing you to eat a balanced diet to improve the body functioning since your body has all the essential nutrients – proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates.


Plant or animal oils have a low affinity to dissolve in the body. Most cooking methods require the use of oils during food preparation. Prolonged use of these oils leads to excess fat in the body, which causes obesity and related illnesses. A community that consumes grilled meat is assured of reduced amount of fats and oils promoting good health among households.


Grills produce smoke with low heat that goes through the meat for it to cook. If you want to get some ideas, tips and reviews regarding smokers, you can go here www.seriouslysmoked.com/best-offset-smokers-reviews. This will give you best insight about grilled smokers. Grilled meat acts as a good anti-oxidizing agent, oxidation helps to maintain the energy and nutritive content of body cells- the basic unit for normal body functioning. The grilled meat community is sure of enhanced productivity and reduced dependency ratio of the working population.The low
temperature over a long period means fewer nutrients are lost during heating. For example, fruits and vegetables, some of them are better eaten when they are raw. When you grill meat and sandwich with fruits and vegetables, their nutritive value is intact.


On the contrary, unconfirmed reports through research and studies show that overindulgence in the consumption of grilled meat provides a conducive environment for cancer causing cells to thrive. If this is true, the long-term effect is increased number of deaths because of cancer. Despite this, communities consuming the required levels of grilled meat are assured of good health and less prone to diseases and infections.









A city that uses marketing automation

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The integration of marketing automation on various public and private enterprises has increased profits and effective service delivery for city authorities; due to its influence on turning leads into sales. It also acts as an effective base for offering support systems to other sectors, which entirely rely on city services for their functions.

What is the influence of marketing automation in a city?


First, marketing automation tools allow citizens to have firsthand information on new services available in the public utility department due to effective marketing campaign tools. Secondly, it allows integration of various departments’ service delivery, notification of pending bills and communication to clients, which further improves customer relationship with the public. Lastly, marketing automation ensures effective service provision to consumers; this is possible through its Email marketing and auto-responders features, which allows customized communication- a great tool to enhance customer relationship.

Some businesses rely entirely on public development in the effective delivery of their services; a city with advanced marketing automation software allows efficient B2B marketing through its successful Customer Relationship Management tools inbuilt in the marketing automation software.

The implication of a city with advanced marketing automation system is outrageous and making the city to get to international levels. Traditional marketing automation tools have been overridden using marketing automation. It helps in faster communication and in more advanced cases, quick closing of business deals because of online payment services, which are quicker, faster and efficient. The marketing software is a complex integrated system with both financial and social media tools for enhancing marketing audience.

We cannot forget the improved social interaction, the social toolkits on the software allow a public forum for citizens and city authorities. The free contact provides negative and positive feedback on their services. Positive feedback is a plus for the public entity while the negative feedback is a positive criticism to help in improving the quality of services.

You can never know the success of city planning and delivery of services if you do not get feedback on your services. Lack of first-hand feedback from consumers, enhances performance, improved service delivery, prompt communication and efficient sending and receiving of campaign tools are among the main positive impacts of using marketing automation toolset. The major negative impact on relying wholly on this tool for marketing for a city, citizens who are not connected to Emails or online services – mostly the elderly and people leaving in remote areas- will be cut off completely from accessing any communication and campaign tools.

Installation of marketing automation software is a capital-intensive project especially when it comes to sustainability. It requires heavy investment on finance, consumer awareness, and infrastructure development. Planning and foundation for the software kit to pick up are also not easy but worth the investment. Remember, a city deals with millions of citizens, whom at least 60 % of the adult population needs to be members and subscribers. You cannot afford to get a cheap marketing automation tool, with frequent breakdowns and traffic jams because of poor bandwidth. Marketing software (gedlynk.com/convertkit-vs-infusionsoft/)developers have suitable toolkits to suit small, medium and large enterprises with unlimited functions.