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Community Dogs

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Having a pet dog in your home is a fulfilling experience with a sense of humor and love. Apart from just the company, the sensitive sniffing associated with dogs is a good security measure. A community with dogs prides in contentment for they are sure predators like snakes, dogs, and crawling animals are kept at bay. Depending on dog species and the training a community gives their dogs, they can help you do a few tasks within the home. Compare the dogs in community and at home, you need to sweep up your dog’s fur for the cleanliness of the house. Although for a community to reach this level with their dogs, a lot of capital investment is required; the asset offers value for money.


What benefits do community dogs offer?

  • Appreciates Nature

Dogs are natural being; before you handle them, you will never understand their strengths and capabilities. A


community with dogs within their homes will always love to take good care of natural phenomena, to some extent even to vegetation; flowers, gardens, and fruits. For children, it is virtue instilled from a tender age allowing them to appreciate everything within their disposal.



  • Gives a Sense of Responsibility

It is not easy to take care of dogs. They need constant monitoring and care. At one point, you need to take them to a groomer or an evening walk to exercise. When you are out for a trip or a sleepover, you have to think of how it will feed and live. When you are in good terms within your community, you can always share responsibilities of handling the dog when out. All these make you build a sense of responsibility a good virtue in handling various daily tasks, challenges and decision-making activities. As a dog owner as well, you need to be responsible for your dog’s consumption, you can let your dogs ate raw pepper since it will give some good health benefits for your pet.


  • Enhances Time Management Skills

A well-trained dog works on a schedule; feeding time, sleeping time, walking time, playing time. How will you do all these if you have poor time management skills? Since you have a sense of responsibility in your life, managing time for the pet and your own personal errands is a walk in the park.


  • Offers Emotional Connection

Dogs are great companions, health experts prove that the presence of a dog to welcome you home after a long day, at the same time, when you play with its hair while it wags its tail as a way of appreciation is a good stress reliever. You will have an emotional connection allowing you to have better social skills in handling animals and people.

  • Develops a Caring and Loving Attitude

Naturally, there are people who have an “I don’t care attitude’ In fact, they take pride in hurting peoples’ feelings. When you have a dog within your community, you will value their presence and mind their welfare at all costs. The care and love you offer them will be extended to your social relationships allowing you to develop a healthy relationship with everybody in the community.

Whether you have your own dog or a community dog the benefits are similar. Your interaction with the pets nurtures various virtues in relation to your social life and emotional well-being. Training and self- discipline of the dog will give you maximum benefit, if not it can be a source of stress.