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Benefits of coffee to a community

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Coffee is one stimulant known for many health benefits. In Finland, the workers union insist on a constant supply of coffee for workers during the breaks. Communities that consume coffee translate to a productive lifestyle and increased performance at home and in workplaces. Coffee works directly on the central nervous system to provide instant energy to the consumer. The moment you drink coffee-remember it is a bean with calorie content ideal for boosting the energy levels of a consumer. Modernity makes life a hassle and everyone is ever busy catching up on growing trends in business, developing businesses, designing software programs for the overall benefit of making ends meet. The young generation does at least two jobs to ensure their bills are paid, all these need a physically fit body, otherwise, it can be a source of other illnesses.

The invention of digital technology makes work easier; most of the things are done in the comfort of one’s office. Some include online payment systems, online communications, messaging services on various social media platforms, tracking assets via GPS. Sitting for long hours with less physical movement causes lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiac arrest, and diabetes. Coffee comes in handy to fill this gap. Instead of indulging in unhealthy meals in an office a cup of coffee will quench your thirst and hunger at the same time provide the necessary energy to complete the day’s tasks.

The stimulant is ideal at any time. After a hard day’s work, all you need is to have a “me time”, as you catch up with family and friends. A cup of coffee helps you to relax and reenergize ready for a good night sleep. Coffee works on the brain cells to relieve anxiety and relax the mind and body to have a clear mind for quick decision making on life challenges.

The benefits of coffee in a community come from an individual’s angle. If everyone in a community is energized, with little stress there is improved team spirit in running community programs. In addition, members of the community are intelligent enough to handle decision-making process with a clear mind. The long-term effect is improved productivity and increases business sales because employees are well motivated to run various tasks within departments.

Why is it that some communities are friendlier than others are? Coffee could be a reason for a happy community due to the stress relieving factor. The moment there is reduced anxiety among community members, the stress levels are at minimum and happiness hormones are produced, allowing the members to have a positive attitude towards life leading to a friendly community.

A company with an automatic coffee machine (jura super automatic espresso from http://bestsuperautomaticespressomachine.com) in the office has less sick leaves because of minor illnesses, this increases business contact hours for the benefit of the growth of the business. A healthy community defines positivity and socially fit with confidence and high self-esteem. The government should regulate the prices of coffee in a state to ensure it is affordable for low-income earners for them to enjoy the benefits of the drink.