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Heath is one of the three cities in Licking County, Ohio, and according to Niche. com, life in the town is terrific. The city scored high on the report card; however, its weather got a "C." Heath's weather is often a bit cloudy with an average of 20 inches of snow and 42 inches of rain annually, which is about 128 precipitous days yearly. Winter lows occur at 18 degrees in January, while summer high comes around in July at 84 degrees. However, Heath has lots of green parks for nature lovers and is also a safe suburb with fabulous local foods and a unique history. This city is one place you'll enjoy staying.

History of Heath, Ohio

Heath’s history begins with the Hopewell Indians, who were the original settlers in the present-day Heath. These Indians built Indian Mounds between 100 to 500 AD. The Mounds were used primarily for astronomical purposes and spread to about 4 square miles.

The early American and European settlers destroyed some parts of the site. However, the remaining spots are being preserved through the local citizen’s effort.

Heath became a village in 1952 and adopted the mayoral system of leadership, and Richard Hoback was the first mayor. The city rapidly grew from having 2,426 residents in 1960 to almost three times the population in just five years when it became the 196th city in the state in 1965.

The Indian Mound Mall, which is the only indoor shopping mall throughout Licking County, opened in Heath in 1986. And by 1990, the city had about 7,231 people living there. Heath is still the third-largest municipality in Licking County despite the population growth in other nearby towns like Newark, Hebron, and Granville.

Why You Should Visit Heath, Ohio

Heath is one city you’d love to visit if you desire a vacation in a peaceful and quiet town with lots of green parks and a unique touch of history. The city is relatively safe since crime statistics indicate that most crimes are theft, and few can be termed violent.


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Heath contains many interesting sites, including the famous Newark Earthworks by the Hopewell Indians, which is a soon-to-be world heritage site.

Things to Do and
Places to Visit in Heath

Davis-Shai House

The Davis-Shai House is a historical building dating back to 1861 in a Gothic Revival style that has currently been converted to an arts and event venue. Combining the contemporary amenities and historical charm, the Davis-Shai House promotes public health and art by preserving green space.

Finders Keepers Village

If you desire light shopping for gifts and antiques as a vacation souvenir, consider going to Finders Keepers Village. Since 1999 when it opened to date, the market has more than 200 shops selling various items like potpourri and scented candles. Finders Keepers Village is the biggest shopping center in the entire Licking County. And the best part is, all vendor products get tested before display to guarantee top-notch quality.

The Newark Earthworks

The Newark Earthworks in Ohio runs through Heath. These Indian Mounds were established by Hopewell Indians thousands of years ago. While most parts have suffered damages, the remaining parts are considered a soon-to-be world heritage site.

Hoback Park

This park sits on 20.52 acres on Dorsey Mill Road on the eastern part of South 30th Street. Facilities in the park include picnic areas, an enclosed shelter, a children's play facility, basketball fields, five Little League fields, and access to wooded areas for hiking and the South Fork Licking River.

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