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6 Fun Activities to Engage Community Members

Posted by heath on
6 Fun Activities to Engage Community Members

Community engagement is important because it fosters community love and development.

Community activities help to build capacity of the members, including the leaders. It also enhances understanding of the community issues amongst members.

Engagement in the community activities also allows all members of the community to influence decisions made that’ll affect their lives.

Here’re 6 fun activities that can be used to promote engagement in your community:

  • Community mural
  • Woodworking and carpentry classes
  • Community blood drive
  • Community garden
  • Cleanup activities
  • Neighborhood watch

Top 6 Community Activities to Keep You Active

  • Community mural

Murals give a community an identity and distinguish one community from the others. Murals help in maintaining the cultural heritage of the community as a form of public art.

They’re unique ways of shaping public spaces using shared memories. All members of the community can participate in creation of murals.

Older members can help in remembering the history while the young ones can recreate those memories in a way that blends it with the present and maybe even the expected future.

  • Woodworking and carpentry classes

Community education helps to build capacity of members in the community. One way to do this would be through woodworking and carpentry classes. These classes can help aspiring woodworkers to build a profession.

Woodworking is a great vocational activity for hands on creativity, which can help many members in the community.

At the end of the classes people can make a living. The internet has also encouraged a lot of “DIY” activities.


With a few tools such as table saws, you can be able to create amazing products that would have taken many years to learn before. Nowadays, such professional tools only cost a few bucks to own.

  • Community blood drive

A community blood drive encourages healthy individuals in the community to give their blood.

Blood donation is a community responsibility because at the end of the day, the blood goes into helping people locally. It helps to save lives.

What’s more, blood cannot be manufactured.

Community blood drives are a great way of bringing people together for a common cause. It also teaches unity to the young ones and reminds all the people in the community that they depend on each other in one way or the other.

A community blood drive can be organized as a regular event after a certain duration.

However, emergency blood campaigns can be organized when a local needs a certain blood group that’s unavailable. It can also occur when the local blood bank is running low, or after a major disaster or accident.

  • Community garden

Creating a community garden is one of the best ways to enhance interaction and socialization amongst community members.

Members come together to create beautiful public spaces where they can spend more time together with their families.

Gardens also allow people to spend more time outdoors and enhance physical activity.

Gardening is a relaxation activity that reduces stress and anxiety. Not to mention that the outcome gives the members of the community a sense of belonging.

Besides coming together to create a community garden, community gardening can also be done at an individual level. This entails mobilizing members of the community to each have an outdoor garden at their home for flowers or vegetables.

Such projects also cost a few dollars and hours to complete.

  • Cleanup activities

Cleanup activities enhance a sense of responsibility amongst the members to their environment. Simple littering at the park or around the community can eventually turn into a monstrous environmental and safety problem.

Tasks have to be assigned during the cleanup to maintain the motivation of the participants. As such, each cleanup campaign requires a coordinator or team leader which is a great way to encourage leadership in the community.

There are many cleanup activities that can be organized including:

  • River cleanups
  • Trash and litter collection
  • Debris removal
  • Beach cleanups.

These activities can also be done after a given time frame or season.

  • Neighborhood watch

A community neighborhood watch program entails members of the community working together with local law enforcement to enhance security around the neighborhood.

A neighborhood watch also reduces fear amongst the community members and enhances quality of life.

It’s a great way to enhance relationships between the community and law enforcement agencies. This is because communication between the people and the law enforcement can easily be channeled through the neighborhood watch.


These are only a few of the fun activities that can keep community members engaged and give them a sense of responsibility and belonging. Also, many of these activities only cost a few hours of the people’s time or their money. They are therefore easy to start, implement and maintain over the years to ensure harmonic coexistence is fostered. Which one of these would you like your community to be engaged in? Tell us in the comments section.