Suitable Trade Skills to Beat Boredom While in the City

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We are living in tough times. Whoever thought at one point you may be forced to stay or work from home?

You can imagine the level of boredom. The things you wish you could do but lack limitations are better done during these COVID- 19 pandemic times.

However, you can only stay idle because you never invested in skill away from your skillset.

Going forward, you should ask yourself, what can you do with your time if you lose your job or go for retirement?

A trade skill is a must-possess activity for any city dweller for these reasons

  • Boosts your creativity level
  • Supplements your current source of income
  • An excellent pass time
  • Enhances your quality of life 

What is a trade skill?

In simple terms, a trade skill is an expert with unique hands-on talent. Here are a few special skills you need to pass the time while in the city.

  1. Electrical work

City dwellers are proud of constant and reliable electric supply. Imagine the amount of money you spend every time you call an electrician.

Don’t you think you can decide and study it during your free time and also become a well –sought after electrician?

  • Woodwork

Look around your home. Before you turn your head in a different direction, you appreciate the work of a woodworker producing the beautiful design that ignites your living room.

Why not also try your hand in this skill and have a DIY home makeover? It’s a pure skill to learn as long as you have the right tools.

A planer is an essential tool as a beginner. In that state, you may have no idea what type to buy, now that we have unlimited options in the market.

The best affordable planer for most people is the portable planer powered by an electric motor.

  • Fabrication

Metalwork, as it’s commonly known, is a complementary skill to woodwork.

Although the vintage generation appreciates woodwork, contemporary society is more into metalwork for the same purpose- beautiful designs with aesthetic value.

  • Plumbing

The self-contained houses in the city have a constant supply of water in their washrooms and their kitchen.

According to the International Labor Organization, among all the trade skills, plumbers are the highly paid skilled workers in the US.

They are in high demand. Why not be a statistic. Save the cash you want to pay someone for a simple clogged pipe, which you can fix if you have the technological know-how.

  • Masonry

The office and the home you work and stay in respectively is the work of a construction worker with masonry skills.

While you are on leave, what do you do with your time? It’s a skill you can have and get an extra income to supplement your family budget.

Moreover, it comes in handy to improve your creativity skill. You need that innovation to enhance your productivity at the workplace.

  • Dressmaking/tailoring

DIY projects help you realize your intuitive skills and talents that you suppress because of not making an effort.

The fashion designers and renowned dress makers you see in international platforms started small.

Because of their resilience and hard work, they have the top-rated fashion designer tag. What makes you think that you can’t also be among them?

No one was born a dressmaker. You realize the passion as you grow.

That time you waste watching random videos, movies, and social media posts can be turned to learning a new trade skill to improve your revenue.

You have all it takes to possess whatever skill of choice. The secret is to have the passion and pursue it through thick and thin. Make good use of your stay in the city. Avoid the 8-5 job schedule and learn a skill that will take you places if not add something to your table.