Heath History


The history of the area which Heath, Ohio now occupies can be traced back some 20 centuries when the region was populated by the Hopewell people. Their presence can be evidenced by ancient burial mounds at Moundbuilders State Memorial on the north side of Heath.


More information can be found about the Hopewell at:
Our Hopewell Page


Canals that once crisscrossed much of Ohio also left their mark in Heath. Occupying much the same route as the current State Route 79 was the Ohio Erie Canal. Physical evidence of the once-popular mode of travel and shipping is plentiful along Hebron Road in Heath.

The importance of maintaining a connection to our past can be found in our continuing project of reclaiming of the Davis-Shai House (circa 1861). Originally a residence built alongside the canal, the structure was donated to the city in 1995 to save it from demolition. It was moved to its present site in early 1996 and has been completely restored.